Iron Jimmy Premium Sleeves

Story behind the brand - Iron Jimmy Sleeves 🖤

When I received my barbell I was stoked, but when it came to keeping it perfect I was confused by the lack of protection or care avaiable for barbells in the market. I was taking my barbell from the house to the gym and then back home 6 days a week. Definitely didn't want to put it in the bed of my truck and when I put it in the cab of my brand NEW TRUCK the brand new barbell's knurling scratch the console.. I was heart broken and thought, "THAT'S IT!!! I'M MAKING MY OWN SLEEVE!" And that right there is what started this great journey and addition to my life as an athlete. I'm what you call a "lifer" in the competitive athlete world. I've raced BMX, Motocross, competed in Gymnastics, one hell of a collegiate Pole Vaulter, Crossfit athlete, Bikini competitor (I like "good" food so that was short lived) and now at the ripe age of 32 I'm a Olympic Lifter. Safe to say my life since I was 5 years old has revolved around some sort of athletics. I'm a firm believer in "work smarter, not harder," so tadddaaa the Iron Jimmy brand was born and I've invested alot of time and money in making these barbell sleeves top quality.

The worst thing you could do is spend your hard earned dollars on equipment and not protect them. These sleeves aren't just for Olympiclifing barbells, but also for powerlifting/strongman/crossfit barbells as well. Each sleeve is made for the barbell you've purchased ie. brand, series and weight. The sports grade zipper is for easy access and a big openning to help make your barbell slide in easily and perfectly. The black/grey interior fabric is knitted for breathability and each sleeve is silicone treated to keep the moisture out to prevent rusting. Chalk should always be brushed off your barbell at the end of your workout The sleeve ends are double layered for extra protection and a way for you to personalize your own sleeve, but also to keep your collar or the sleeves of the barbell from waring through. Each sleeve comes with a hand tooled leather tag to make each bag custom for you!