Iron Jimmy Premium Sleeves
Aztec Limited Barbell Sleeves
Aztec Limited Patterns are Limited Stock! 

Select your sleeve color, choose the weight of your barbell, and specify the brand and model so I can custom fit your sleeve to your barbell. Don't forget to enter what you want on your custom leather tag. 


 - PLEASE NOTE your 

Barbell Collar Size

 (circumference: measurement around the collar) If you don't know please do your best to give the BRAND and SERIES of barbell. EX: FRINGE - Wonder 2 

FYI - what makes most barbell brands different is that their collar thickness and diameter. To get you a sleeve that custom fits your barbell these details are important.

Please allow 30 days for production. 

Aztec Limited Barbell Sleeves



Mauve Aztec
Aztec Stripe
Tribal Aztec
Royal Aztec
White Walker Aztec
Crow Aztec
Orange/Black Aztec
Snap Back Red/Black Aztec
Wood Aztec
Southwest Aztec
Black w/ Color
Color w/ Black
Dusty Sky Aztec
Winter Aztec
Boho Aztec