Iron Jimmy Premium Sleeves
Star Wars Barbell Sleeves

May the Force be with your Barbells! Limited Stock of these patterns. 


on these will be BLACK. Unless stated other wise. 


 - PLEASE NOTE your Barbell Collar Size (circumference: measurement around the collar) If you don't know please do your best to give the BRAND and SERIES of barbell. EX: FRINGE - Wonder 2 

FYI - what makes most barbell brands different is that their collar thickness and diameter varies. To get you a sleeve that custom fits your barbell these details are important.

Please allow 30 days for production. due to COVID-19 we have gone to DRAW STRING. 

Star Wars Barbell Sleeves



Gold and Black Star Wars
Peach Darth
Turquoise Darth
Empire Helmet
Black & White
Sugar Skull